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  1. I kind of like the small form factor of the mid towers and I do have the space for a large tower so would it be practical to have a larger tower for a high end build to keep my temps lower or would a mid be sufficient? Waiting for these new CPU/GPUs is painful, every time I look at my PS4 I want to throw it out the window.
  2. @ZeroStressLevel Great suggestions thank you Just incase I absolutely suck a M&KB and want to use the ps4 controller via bluetooth what board would you guys recommend?
  3. Thank you I was worried they might have made them specific to their own board so it's good to know they're compatible with any.
  4. Is there a reason for this? Is it so the GPU fits their specific motherboard?
  5. Looking online I see a ASUS, EVGA and MSI 2080 ti GPUs which is confusing me, are these still NVIDIA?
  6. @GoldenLag would that be around 85*C constant while gaming or should I expect it to dip and peak? I think for a monitor i'd be looking more at 16:9 as i'm pretty competitive and feel any bigger than that I might miss an enemy because they'd be out of my peripheral vision.
  7. I was toying with getting a Ryzen over an intel as I heard they perform better but also are less stable because they haven't been around as long but I guess the best thing about building it myself is that parts can be swapped out and I don't think i'd have any issues selling a CPU. Knowing i'll most likely be gaming at 1080p would the newer GPU be overkill in your opinion? I feel it would give me more frames but I feel because I wouldn't be using ray tracing or playing in 4k and that is a waste and isn't living up to it's full potential. What are reasonable/normal temperatures for the CPU and GPU to run at? just so I know when monitoring them if i should worry if one seems to be struggling.
  8. That makes a bit more sense, but after recently watching a video about bottlenecking I am worried about either getting an underpowered CPU for my GPU or a GPU which is underpowered because I don't have a good enough CPU. Do you know which CPU would be best paired with the new GPUs which are being released soon or isn't that information available yet? @spartaman64 It is the 360mm one I am looking at, I did want it at the top though. What are the chances of something like that failing and leaking? that is the the closest I think I would be brave enough to put in my system, I don't trust myself enough to do a custom water cooling.
  9. @BlueScope819 Thank you that really clears it up a lot. Is V-Sync the same as FreeSync or are those different things? @GoldenLag I am hoping to buy the parts ASAP and attempt my first build. I never would have thought the i5 would be capable of being compatible with that GPU I thought I would of needed at least an i7 although I really only know the i7 is newer things like 4.1Ghz confuse me so I still have a lot of learning to do. @spartaman64 I really like that monitor and the case is minimal which I love although I have my heart set on the nzxt Kraken Z73 because I really like the mirror effect. Do you know if that is compatible with that case Although I am a bit confused that some posts seem to state that the higher end CPU isn't required and others say wait for the newer CPUs to be released, am I missing something?
  10. Thanks for the replies and warm welcomes Unfortunately I need to rush out now but as soon as I get back i'll be able to read through the replies. I appreciate the help.
  11. I really only play the newest call of duty titles and as they're released on a yearly basic there aren't really any other games I would need to buy. That wouldn't be including the monitor although If I am correct I would need a 1440p 144hz 1ms with g-sync if using an nvidia graphics card, is that correct?
  12. Hello everyone console gamer here looking at making the switch to pc gaming. Just so we are on the same page I know absolutely nothing about hardware, my limited knowledge is i3 bad and i9 good. I play Call of Duty titles and really want higher FPS because why settle for less? i'll most likely be gaming at 1080p maybe 1440p at a push if the frames are high enough. Can you guys recommend me a good build that would give me a solid 150fps or higher, my budget is about £3000 From my limited research I found GEFORCE RTX 2080 TI ROG STRIX OC 11264MB GDDR6 PCI-EXPRESS GRAPHICS CARD which I really like but from what I have read online this might be overkill for what I would be using it for or that even buying this now is a waste of time when the newer 3080 will be released soon. Any help is appreciated.