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  1. I will not run software from that vm! I will deploy it to a computer! Btw you can run windows on 2 cores and 2gb of ram Tho it's slow it's enough...
  2. I said " there are basically no DJing software" So i knew those existed... I ment no POPIULAR ones like: rekordbox serato traktor and virtaul dj
  4. Thing is... I have an i3 laptop with 4gb of ram. Wich can hardly run my dj software ( Rekordbox) So i thought... What if... There was was a operating system for dj's. First i thought of linux... But they're basically no software for DJs on linux! Then i thought... What if... I made a VM costumized it for dj's and deployed it to a computer! This took a while to figure out... I have made a VM and i wanted to deploy it. Funny thing is my laptop blue screened and corrupt my vm! now I'm working on an improved version of the os. Rules for delevopment... 1) i should only program on a i3 processor with 4/8gb of ram 2) I want that the deployment on the dj side to be simple. 3) everyday software should be pre-installed. Like vlc, chrome etc. 4) i want it to be as black as possible! Most dj's play in clubs... So it means they will play in the dark. My plan: 1) use msgm/win toolkit and nt lite. To slim it out 2) install the iso to the VM and start tweaking 3) make the deployment iso The installer will probably be a .bat or a .ps1 script. The project is not only for DJs with low specs. Streamers gamers the sky's the limit.