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  1. So a year ago, where I didn't know much about PCs and hardware, I decided to get a pc, not really knowing if those parts were good or not. So now I have learned my lesson (but the PC did run fairly well on most games, and was around $750 AUD) I am now considering buying completely new parts So, know for the question, how much would this desktop go for in AUD (australian $) (selling on sites such as gumtree, eBay and FB marketplace) -intel i5 3330 (CPU) (with CPU fan) -AMD RX 570 (GPU) -2 RGB fans (do their job, unsure of brand) -intel 8GB 1600mhz RAM, DDR3 -intel motherboard (no clue of its name, still green) (mATX) -400W PSU (once again, unsure of brand) -465GB hard drive (crucial) -DeepCool Matrexx 30 (mATX) I know me not knowing a lot of my parts isn't very helpful, but if you guys could come up with a rough price (AUD), it would be gladly appreciated.
  2. Budget (including currency): approx. $1500 AUD Country: Australia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: CS:GO, GTAV, Rainbow 6 Siege (semi-intensive games) Other details Looking for a PC design that overall consistently performs well, preferably AMD. Budget should completely cover PC with no peripherals (except I do need you to consider Windows into the PC, so roughly$1350AUD for the whole PC). Wanting to be able to have GTAV max setting on over 60fps. Please help.