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  1. I have a Phanteks Eclipse P350X case, and it has an RGB Connector to daisy chain with other RGB products, but i do not know what this connector is called.
  2. What do you mean? One end is to connect it to the motherboard and the other end is connected to the cabinet's front panel circuit. I am sorry if i don't understand your question.
  3. I build a new PC and the first time it did not boot, and the CPU debug LED in the MOBO was ON. So i built the PC outside the case and tried and it booted. So i guessed that some connection is at fault and turns out that the 3 PIN RGB connector from the cabinet to the MOBO is causing the problem. I confirmed this again after connecting the connector to the MOBO and the CPU LED was ON again. i am not sure why this is happening coz i would like to control the case LED from my motherboard to sync everything up. Please help