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  1. @dravinian I would want it to behave differently using a different mouse. Is something like the possible?
  2. This may be a dumb question but as of right now is there software available that will allow you to use 2 different cursors for one computer. Specifically while I am playing a game on my first monitor I want to be able to use a separate mouse for my second monitor. Is there a software or program that will allow me to do that? Thanks for the help!
  3. So just download widows 10 via USB and I'm good to go? @TofuHaroto Sorry if these are dumb questions. Like I said before I'm still a beginner at all this.
  4. @tofuharoto I guess I'm a little confused. Wouldn't I need a activation key to install widows 10 on my new build or is there another way?
  5. Ok last question. lol Do you know a site I can find a cheap Windows 10 activation key? @gloop @TofuHaroto
  6. Well shoot... I already bought the other case or else I would try this one out. @TofuHaroto
  7. What's so good about this case? Just curious. @glennhl @TofuHaroto
  8. @Stockholmes Just to be sure for the build that @gloop shows. The Ryzen 3700x will fit with the mother board and all other parts?
  9. @gloop One more question. Would you recommend a cpu cooler for this build or will it be fine without one?
  10. Oh my this is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks @gloop for the help!
  11. My workload I guess would be playing overwatch at 240 fps. Is that what you mean by that question? like I said I am new to all this. lol Also I was looking to buy something this week. Don't think I can wait for any releases. Are there some good options for me currently you think? @TofuHaroto
  12. I already have a keyboard, monitor, and mouse and I was looking to buy this week so I don't think I can wait lol. For that budget what would be the best graphics card to use you think?
  13. HI @TofuHaroto ! My budget for this PC would be $1,500. I was thinking about maybe trying to build my own. Would that be the cheapest route? I don't know much about computers is it pretty simple to do?
  14. Well i have never built a PC before is it pretty easy? My budget would be around $1,500 dollars and my country is the US
  15. Hey all! I am fairly new to PC gaming and was looking to buy a new gaming tower. Wondering where I should go to find the best deal? Would it be worth it to buy used? I am looking for something mid range with a I7 processor and a pretty decent graphics card. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!