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  1. My guess was the fans interrupted the airflow since they are so close and one looks to small for the CPU, i even tried to remove the glass which basically removed my warrant but still did not change the temperature, even cooled the room with AC still no better results. I assume the problem should be 70% thermal paste 30% fan problem. I will change it and try it out, thank you for your aid Chief.
  2. I am not entirely sure how old it is because i did not build it myself i bought it off from a deal 500 Euros, but assuming it was new at the time it means its probably as old as i mentioned up (1 year and a half at most 2) i thought about changing thermal paste but did not want to ruin my warrant but who cares i already opened it, i just feel as if maybe the fans could be the problem, i also put the CPU power to 80% because it probably would throttle if i did not. And yes i checked with HWMonitor and MSIAfterburn RT. They all displayed it at least above 90c which is not normal.
  3. -Whenever i play a game, lets say The Division 2 or Warzone even small games my CPU (i7 4790 (not K version)) heats up to about 85-93c (sometimes 97c) -Now that is only with the game open, it would probably throttle if i opened discord as well. -I just wanted to know if there was a way to maybe undervolt/lower temps of my cpu when i am playing. -My idle temperature stands at about 43c, but i get amazed at how it jumps to 85-93 when i game and when i tab out it jumps to 70c immediately. -Everything else works with normal temperature. -I also doubt the CPU is faulty (not quite sure), i also even formated my pc yesterday just incase i had any virus. The PC is 1 and a half year old.