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  1. Thanks so much! Do you know of any guides for freenas online?
  2. Hi all So I am trying to get access to my freenas web portal remotely as well as being able to access my documents from my freenas remotely. I want a way that it can integrate cleanly into windows file explorer just as it does when I am locally on the network. I have a netgear r7500 router. I am new to this, so if you guys could help me do this step by step that'd be much appreciated and so helpful! Thanks!
  3. could you point me into the right direction to set that up?
  4. That answers my question. Yeah I’m new to this so I worded that poorly haha but yeah basically just wanted to know if you could add it as a location in file explorer so you don’t have to use a third party app. I basically say this because my parents aren’t really tech savvy so I wanted it to be right in file explorer so they know where to go
  5. Thanks so much for the quick replies! One last question does this sync nicely with windows explorer or is it like a desperate application like one drive to login to?
  6. Are there any guides online that can help me with that? Like the public/private key part
  7. My problem is that I’ve port forwarded 22 but it isn’t open publicly and I can’t tell why. I don’t have a firewall blocking it either
  8. Hi all this is my first post! This is my first FreeNAS server and I would like sole help/advice. I have to mapped and configured for my LAN but I’m trying to set FreeNAS up so I can access my server/documents/photos and such while I’m at college. I also wanted it to Mickey integrate with Windows explorer. Also my sister uses a MacBook and I wanted to know if there was a way for her to access it remotely as well. Thanks!