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  1. update i just OC my ram to 3000 mhz well 2992 mhz
  2. Dual, 8x2gb 1333 each my max that motherboard can handle is 2666mhz unless OC but no idea how to do that
  3. surely it cant be that, as i'm seeing other people that have the 1060 3gb and dont experience what i experience my settings are all low 100% 3D resolution V-sync off multitheread rendering on fullscreen 120fps capped Also with the 1060 3gb my game gets constant 120fps capped, prob like 210 to 260 (depending on situations) if uncapped, its just the random frame drops i get at random times, MOSTLY when editing builds or fighting
  4. I seriously cant tell if its my PC specs that are the reason i get random frame drops, like whenever that happens too i sometimes get input delay which makes it almost unplayable for me. But at the same time i feel like its just Fortnite not being well optimized as i'm seeing people complain about this too anyways my PC specs: GTX 10603gb Ryzen 5 2600 Six core 16gb ram 2666mhz dual 1TB HDD 240gb SSD 1920x1080 80hz (OC) *its not that ok dont say its that please* 1920x1080 60Hz monitor (Second) Please dont come replying with "v-sync" and other things which are easy to detect that it impacts performance i'm sure ive done all of that i can also see that my memory usage is fine, pretty sure it never goes past 80% of usage (TALKING ABOUT TASK MANAGER) i have full on resetted this pc but never works too i have also made sure to clean it but nothing too My temperatures are also fine I highly doubt theres a fix for this because i feel like im the only person with this issue (thats if its not the game being bad optimised) but worth giving a try