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  1. so actually after running benchmarks and installing the second fan it ends up bumping into and pushing against the glass panel. i’m assuming this means to not even bother with using the second fan
  2. hmm ok. i guess i can try that and see if i notice a difference. also, is it ok if the fan is bumping up next to my ram and sticking out to the side of the heatsink due to my tall ram. if not is there an actual other use for it, maybe as a top exhaust? ive currenty got two front 140mm intakes and a rear 120mm exhaust.
  3. title. I have a nh d15 for my 8700k and im wondering if installing the second included fan would make a difference, especially if i overclock up to 5ghz. since i have it i may as well use it. if so, what would be the best configuration with the two fans in terms of placement with the heatsinks.
  4. so those arrows don’t matter okay as long as it’s intake. and finally i’m assuming with my set up that adding like a top exhaust wouldn’t make too much of a difference
  5. i’ve actually just taken them apart and realized that they are set right as intakes but in different rotations if that makes any sense. does the correct rotation matter? and also for the cpu fan should jt be set as blowing as an outtake correct?
  6. So im looking to perfect airflow and lower temps in my pc. Ive got a fractalmeshify c case with an 8700k at 4.8ghz and 1.28v with a 1080ti strix so as you can imagine temps are better high when playing at 1440p and 144hz for more demanding titles. Currently I have two front intake 140mm Noctua A14 PWM's, a nh-d15 cpu cooler, and a rear exhaust 120mm Noctua F12 PWM. Would adding a top exhaust help with airflow? If so what would be best, adding the second fan from the nh-d15 to the top( which i believe is a 140mm a15), adding one of the stock 120mm fans, or just buying a new 120mm fan?