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  1. I think am gonna have to rma the motherboard as nothing seems to allow this thing to boot instead of just powering on
  2. i reseated the graphics card still no display the cpu led is still white the enitre time
  3. my brothers got a i7-9700kf so am using his graphics card to get display, hes also using corsair vengeance ddr4 3000mhz with a z390-a pro by msi. I've tried reseating everything other than the cpu which I might do next. And i can't do integrated graphics because of kf
  4. well i just put a screwdriver on it for about 10 seconds while the pc was unplugged and am still getting a cpu led on the motherboard
  5. recently put a new motherboard and cpu into my brother's pc, it boots but doesn't show any display, i've checked the cables and they are plugged in correctly. I decided to look at the ez debug leds on this z390-a pro by msi and it says the problem lies with dram, so i resit the ram, doesn't work and I try only one stick and now the white led lights up the CPU instead. Was gonna clear cmos but the motherboard only has a jumper and it came with no jumper cap anyone got any idea why these leds are like this would be greatly appreciated
  6. i used pcpartpicker to choose the motherboard so its my own fault thanks man
  7. so the cpu can't run on that motherboard, if thats the case then doesn't suprise me it won't boot thank you so much
  8. My brother has a i7-6700k, the new motherboard, 1060 ti and cx600m from corsair i believe and 16gb of 3000mhz corsair vengenance ddr4
  9. my brother recently got a z390-a pro by msi as his last motherboard ram slots were faulty and didn't allow for dual channel memory, because of this he decided to get a new motherboard and i checked his ram in my system and his ram wasn't the problem at the time now comes the new motherboard, i set it up to see if it will post and instead it boots does two boot loops and then idles... the debug led lights light up on cpu for a bit then ram for a long time. so I reseated the ram, didn't work, used one ram slot, didn't work and then used my own ram from my system, didn't work. I can't think why my brother's pc won't boot even when I plugged in the CPU and 24Pin connectors in correctly. I've tried turning the psu off to clear CMOS but it's a new motheboard so it shouldn't matter If anyone has a clue why his pc won't boot would be greatly appreciated because I have no clue.
  10. yeah, I lowered it but not fully sure it has solved it yet but it seems to be working for now my gpu being overclocked too much could explain the freezes and maybe the lockups (?) not quite sure
  11. I lowered my GPU clock speed slightly and I think it has fixed it for now but haven't tested it in all of the games that it occured in. I got a cable for the monitor that supported 1080p and 144hertz so I don't believe thats the issue. I have z270-a prime motherboard, with 16gb of tridentz 3200 and I've never once had a problem with my ram
  12. Ever since I've switched to 144hertz for gaming, my games will either freeze with other applications still working or my entire computer will lock up. I have no clue why and I have changed some of my overclocking settings for my CPU including lower the voltage to auto instead of a manual (on a asus motherboard). I thought it might be because of my cpu but am not sure anymore. I have a i5-7600k overclocked to 4.8ghz and I got a 1660 ti that's slightly overclocked If anyone has any idea why it could be doing this would be greatly appreciated, Can't even open rainbow six siege without it locking up my computer