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  1. Thanks for your help. I tried with new psu and no change...I'm going to send pc to professionals to diagnose it. Hope it's motherboard because they have it in stock. Cpu 10900k is nowhere in stock in Europe..I will report back what they find.
  2. New battery,issue still persist. Any other idea?
  3. I will try and report back.
  4. Thanks for your answer! Voltage is 3,076V. Do you think the battery could be dead even if the motherboard is new?
  5. Hi, I just finished my new build and I hope you can help me troubleshoot it. Specs: Cpu: i9 10900k Cpu cooler: Noctua nh d15 Gpu: Msi Gtx 1080 gaming x Ram: Corsair vengeance lpx 2x16gb Psu: hx850i Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus z490 elite ac Ssd: Adata xpg sx8200 pro 1tb Case: Phanteks enthoo luxe My problem is when I restart pc it doesn't boot and red vga led is on and no signal on monitor. So I have to turn pc off manually. When I turn it on pc starts normally and runs perfect untill I don't restart it. What've I tried: Clear CMOS. Removing GPU and connecting monitor to motherboard,red vga led is still on Turning off integrated graphics in bios. Running with one stick of ram in different slots,still no boot. I tried different psu. Disconnected and reconnected all cables. I tried different monitor and cable,no luck. I tried all I can think of... Only thing that's left is cpu and motherboard. Please help me.