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  1. For the record, I want to lead off that this is NOT me trying to do some piracy shenanigans. Goal: Trying to share my extensive steam library files here in Texas to a friend of mine in California through the power of the internet. The reason behind this is that he made a compact build and game storage is a bit tight for him so I figured since we relatively have the same games I should be able to give him access by somehow mapping the drive folder to his computer and boom were off to the races. Problem: I have tried a somewhat back end version of using sftp with the use of a program called sftpnetdrivefree. I got as far as my friend having the drive maped and steam being able to detect it and create a library. But when he tried installing a game (ex: we both own castle crashers so I told him to download that game) the game just keep trying to install and eventually crashed steam. What I'm asking/ trying to figure out: Is there a way that I can us a file transfer protocol through stfp or https where all my friend would have to do is type an ip or domain in the windows file explore to get access to the files and then map it so that steam can recognize it as a drive on the pc? Thanks in advanced.