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  1. Definitely appreciate it, thanks!
  2. So I've added a few of the changes you and streetguru suggested: Updated List Added the Noctua CPU Cooler, R5 3400, NVME, AsRock Fatal1ty motherboard for the included wifi, and changed the memory to the Ripjaws DDR-4 3600s. I love the form factor of the AsRock Deskmini, but I would like to upgrade it in the future and would like to have a little more space to do so.
  3. Something that she can use for multiple purposes depending on the program she is using for art or work. For example, having a few dozen Chrome tabs open with Photoshop and embroidery software, maybe having multiple documents and Chrome tabs open when on a Zoom call with students, or streaming drawing via photoshop for students with Youtube up. Thanks for the NVME suggestion. Admittedly, my last build was a few years ago, so I have yet to upgrade to it on my own desktop. Any time frame for when to expect more information on next gen APUs?
  4. Budget (including currency): ~$900-1000 Country: US East Coast Games / programs: Current plans are light gaming. Maybe Skyrim at 60fps 1920x1080? Use of Photoshop and light 3d modeling. Zoom calls when school starts again. Occasional streaming Photoshop. Other details: PCPP List I'm mainly looking for something with fairly good processing power as a work station for art. The only item on the list required for the build is the GTX 1060 that I had received from a friend (it's not included in the price as of writing anyways). Could potentially be upgraded at a later date; this would be more of a starting PC for my wife. The preferred merchant is Amazon, but I am within driving distance of a Micro Center (though I did not look too hard into price matching). For the location of the setup, I'd prefer a wireless adapter. Only 1 monitor is fine. Already have a mouse and keyboard! I'm in no particular time crunch- about two or three months. Please let me know what adjustments I can make to get better performance for that price point! Thanks in advance!