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  1. Do you know if there any big differences between the CQ27G2 and the G1?
  2. My budget is strictly $450, I'm in the US. Monitor will be mainly used for everyday activities and some gaming (but not competitive gaming). I'm using AMD freesync so no issues there I'm looking for monitors with 1440p and 120-144Hz refresh rates that look good since I tend to watch a lot of videos on my PC and also run games with nice visuals. EDIT: Must be 27"
  3. How comfortable it is typing with the keyboard and are there any issues with how the key caps are spaced for you? I type for hours on end so having something that's comfortable to type with is very important to me.
  4. I'm in the US. By flat, I mean total keyboard height.
  5. It says that it costs $120 on Amazon which is out of my budget sadly
  6. I highly prefer keyboards that are more on the flat side and a comfortable keyboard is probably the most important thing for me. The keyboard will be mainly used for typing along with some light gaming. Cherry MX Reds/Browns would be nice if possible. I don't really care much about noise but I'd like to avoid a very silent keyboard if I can.