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  1. I don't know why, but keeping the folder open fixed it. Thank you!
  2. Perfect, it works now that I've left the folder open. Thank you!
  3. It's says I can't redirect a parent into a child. The specified path is invalid. I made a folder in my other drive. I called it downloads and moved the downloads to this folder but got this massage.
  4. Hey guys, I've just built a new pc and I have an m. 2 which I have Windows 10 installed on and nothing else. I also have a HDD which has nothing installed on. I want to use my m. 2 for booting up the system and for video editing. And I want the rest to go onto my HDD. How do I go about this. Do I partition, do I change my primary driver. I'm not too sure. I'm not going to download anything until this is sorted so don't worry about transferring and pre existing files as there aren't any. Thanks.
  5. So I ended up wiping my pc and I quickly found out the cause of my Cpu. It was my old hard drive which was causing it. Its now been functionally properly for the most part. It does spike here and there and not to 100% I think I'll just replace the gpu and psu just ensure it runs smoothly. After all I've had my gpu for about 4 years and psu for 6 years. Thanks for all the advice guys!
  6. I ran the SFC scan and it detected and solved the corrupt files which was great, however it didn't solve my processor issue. I was thinking of starting clean and seeing what happens. If i were to have the same issue what do you think the issue would be? surly it will be a component or two causing the issue right?
  7. Hey guys, I've recently built my new system from my old system and i'm having an issue. My new processor (AMD RYZEN 7 3700X) is spiking at 100% at least every 60 seconds. Its making my computer super slow and unresponsive, it even crashed and it was just doing a backup. Every other part is new apart from the PSU,GPU and 1 of the hard drives and 2 additional fans. My old system was shutting down, crashing and sometimes the pc would turn on but provide no signal. I had issues with my overclocked intel CPU and and potential RAM which were causing some of the issues. I am concerned I may have a faulty CPU or maybe I haven't updated the drivers properly or something.This problem with my new build has been happening since the first day of boot so it shouldn't be a software issue. Any advice and suggestions? i was told it could be my PSU but i was also thinking maybe my parts are too cool, I have 5 fans installed. I haven't downloaded anything new really. Also In task manager there isn't anything in particular that is causing the spike. I have removed all 3rd party anti software and still no luck.Im currently on windows 10. Sorry if posted in wrong place. Im new here.
  8. Hello, i'm new here so I hope I have posted this in the correct place. A while ago, I had been experience some sort of start up issue where my PC would turn on which was indicated by the blue light next to my power button plus general sounds coming from the PC followed by a black screen on my monitor. My monitor would also turn on as the power light would come on and would show the company logo before saying there was no signal followed by a black screen. I managed to get it back on by turning it on and off multiple times and sometimes by leaving it for a day and then turning it back on. Once back on I was shown a screen that stated my overclocked CPU had failed. I tried turning it off to no success. (I changed one setting which I cannot remember) I then replaced the CPU with another. The same issue continued with the black screen, once getting it to not display a black screen it then said "overclock failed" I then thought maybe my RAM was overclocked too, so I disabled the XMP profile. I still continue to have the same black screen issue but now I don't have any error messages. Maybe I have messed up the BIOS or overclocking settings? As far as i'm aware my new CPU isn't overclocked plus the model won't allow so being an Intel without the K in the model name. I think it may be my motherboard since I checked the temp of it and it's on around 115c whilst everything else remains cool. Also my PC has been crashing more on games as well as struggling to run games, it could run a few days ago. (the same CPU i bought) Also a lot more noticeable frame rate drops. Any ideas? I'm going to replace my PC anyway, the only thing I want to move over is my GPU and Hard drive if possible. I want to know if there are any risks to moving these parts to a new system. I don't want it getting damaged. If you have an answer to either of my question it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!