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  1. That is very true, i guess i'ill start saving for a new gpu in case it goes wrong somewhere.
  2. Yeah i know, i've always been carefull when dealing with dies and chips in general, and the screws have springs on them and a tightlock so you can't overtighten them. Lucky me i suppose
  3. Woops i already kinda threw them away, as i compared it to the gt1030 which didn't have any spacers and is also heatsink directly to the die
  4. Okay, thank you a lot, though i don't have much of another option, since i lost a rubber cube, though it makes sense that i doesn't like a lot of force, but if there aren't any other side effects, i guess i just handle it with care. Now it's just heatsink on the die i guess. If only i had some spare parts i guess.
  5. Okay, this may not be your everyday situation if you're handy. What ended up happening is as follows. I opened up my gtx1650 super, a ventus model from msi, and replaced the thermal paste. Next when i remounted the cooler it wasn't sitting straight. And i noticed one of the rubber cubes keeping the heatsink in place dropped. It was gone to the void. Is it okay to just remove the remaining 3 and screw the heatsink back in place? Current idea, replace the rubber by pieces of cardboard, the max temp of the gpu ever recorded was 83°C and if it starts smelling weird i'ill press alt+f4 In assumption the rubber is only needed to keep the heatsink from chipping the die and protect it from vibration (moving the pc).