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  1. I just had very similar issues, some games just crashing with no errors and similar errors in event viewer. On my case one RAM stick was faulty but it still passed several memory tests without any errors, after I took out the faulty stick nothing has crashed. Just saying that it could still be related to memory even if they pass tests.
  2. Have had relatively few issues with my 5700xt until recently, now I have been trying lots of different things to get Minecraft and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to work. Both games simply crash to desktop randomly after few minutes of gameplay and some other games have had similar issues. Some games have been really sensitive to some settings, like not working in fullscreen mode or crashing when trying to change resolution. No game has been able to work in dx12 mode. Now with these latest issues I have been trying out bunch of different things, different amd drivers, tdr registry edits, different psu, disable fast boot, reinstall games, clean reinstall of windows and probably other things I don't remember right now. Changing gpu to my old r9 290 fixes minecraft but not deus ex, both of these games work flawlessly with my 5700xt on my brothers rig using same drivers. Also multiple games work in dx12 mode on my rig with r9 290, likewise my 5700xt on brothers rig has no issue with dx12, even deus ex in dx12 mode just works. On my rig 5700xt doesn't get past intro logo movies on deus ex at dx12 but r9 290 let's that run for few minutes. At first there was "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered." every time in Event Viewer just before Application hang, currently I get only Application hangs or nothing after ctd. Blue screens and system hangs have been rare overall and haven't happened with these two, other than few times when trying to launch deus ex in dx12 mode. Currently only nvme no other ssd, clean reinstall for windows couple days ago, latest chipset drivers from asus product support page for my model, radeon software v.20.7.1 and no oc nor xmp on memory. Memtest86 and prime95 found no errors. All temps look fine to me. Creating usb tool from other pc to install 1903 failed miserably (booting from usb gave errors about missing system files, after trying again few times it booted successfully but failed to fully install windows) So, at this point any tips and ideas to try out next are welcome.. Specs: Windows 10 Home v.2004 64bit ROG STRIX B450-I Gaming (BIOS version 3103, latest) AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (stock) 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 v5.30, present on asus QVL) Powercolor RX 5700 XT Red Devil (stock) Kingston 250GB A2000 NVMe SSD Crucial 500GB MX500 SSD Corsair SF600 (600W 80+ gold) Edit: When it hit first time version 2004 update broke my windows and it was unable to boot, gave error screen saying some importat system file was missing, different one on every try. Got that fixed by converting from mbr to gpt. Now that 1903 recovery usb gave similar error when booting.
  3. Just checked, all cables are plugged in correctly in right places and as I have said my old r9 290 works just fine with same cables, drivers and everything
  4. I did download "Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.7.1 Optional" before reintall and installed that from external drive, really doubt that changes anything Edit: downloaded that from amd site, besides don't really see how driver itself would work with one psu but not with another
  5. What lead me to conclusion it's the psu was this: I did clean reinstall of windows 10, as in format drive -> install windows, then installed latest radeon software, reboot (internet was disconnected so windows didn't throw in any ramdon driver) -> installed minecraft, display driver crashed game to desktop, reboot and try again just in case -> crash. Then I swapped psu and issues were gone, after I put SF600 back in the issues were back. Temps on 5700xt are fine, don't think I have ever seen junction go over 95c (it's bit on high side since silent bios keeps fans around 1100 mostly under heavy gaming) So I'm pretty sure it's the psu, one way or another
  6. Update: After further testing I can say my rig has some other issues than gpu, second time testing my brothers psu resulted in same crashes than with my sf600. Also some games I can't get working at all play just fine with my 5700xt on his rig. Guess I need to keep troubleshooting. So, I have had random games having issues since I bought my 5700xt Red Devil when they came out and until now I blamed drivers since it has been ongoing topic. Recently couple of games that I really wanted to play are unplayable as they ctd after couple of minutes. That sparked me actually investigate this issue and cause seems to be "Display driver amdkmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered." just before games crash. Hard crashes are rare and mostly games are just crashing to desktop, tried most things I found online like setting tdr delay, underclocking gpu and doing clean install of windows to clear any possible driver issues. 2 other gpus I got to test, r9 290 and gtx1070 seemed to have no issues and my 5700xt worked just fine with same games on my brothers rig. Literally clean windows install, latest radeon software and minecraft resulted in exact same display driver error within like 2 minutes. At that point I thought maybe trying another psu just in case. So I hooked up my brothers old 750W XFX psu and boom, minecraft didn't crash. One game that I didn't get to work even with another gpu was working just fine, although testing dx12 mode on that caused same display driver error but instead of crashing the game whole system started freezing for few second every other minute until restart. So it seems that either my Corsair SF600 Gold isn't enough for Red Devil (running with silent bios) with my setup or it's somehow faulty unit but fault doesn't affect all gpus. Anyone have any insight to what actually could be going on since everything I found suggests that 600W should be fine? Specs: Ryzen 2600 (no oc) Corsair H115i Asus Strix B450-i Gaming 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 Powercolor RX 5700 XT Red Devil (silent bios, no oc) Corsair SF600 Gold