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  1. So as the first time worked like a charm with the last question, I've got some more stuff out of IBM machines. As before my Grandfather tried to explain the parts as best as he could but again, it's been decades that he worked with them and his memory isn't the best. According to him the parts (left to right) are an "Inverter", an "And-Gate" and an "Oscillator". If anyone knows what and where each of them was used for with more precision than "The inverter inverts your signal" I would be very grateful to read and learn. Also I hope you guys might enjoy that dive into the past and thanks beforehand.
  2. That would be awesome, though, that monster is ~30cm x ~20cm x ~10cm in size^^
  3. Well that was quicker and easier than I hoped for, thank you guys ever so much, I've got another post coming with even older stuff, maybe you cen help there as well?^^
  4. So I was talking to my grandfather today about how technology has evolved immensely quick and we got to the topic of data storage, whereupon he said he's got an age old storage device from his days working at IBM (he retired in 92, and worked there for ages). That could give you an idea and maybe a rough timeframe. So he pulled out that device and I've obviously never seen anything like it. I'm asking you to help piece together what is what for example the chips on the outsides as he's got some memory problems (pun intended) and couldn't explain everything to me, but would like to know himself. Also he said he thinks that each of the crossings in the red wired part might be 1bit but wasn't sure anymore. In any case thank you guys ahead of time for helping us out.