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  1. Thanks alot for all the help! you're a champ. I'll mess around abit in bios to see if i can fix my issues completely
  2. Will do, but my pc somehow has 36gb of ram even though i only got 32 gb of RAM sticks, idk what gives out the rest of the RAM
  3. Yeah, i thought that could be one of the issues, but i restart my pc maybe once or twice /day because of ram usage, but whenever i look at my apps there is nothing really being used but somehow they are still taking up more and more ram
  4. Most of the background apps are system applications, the ones that aren't are using below 2mb each
  5. the weird thing is that im using the same amount of ram now under users as i was doing before so i have no idea what was taking up all the ram
  6. GPU - inno3d 1080ti CPU i9-10900k corsair vengeance 4x8 sticks @ 3600mhz ASUS ROG STRIX z490-f also here is the restarted pc RAM usage
  7. I know, i just felt like it was a bit excessive that i only had 23 available and sometimes even less when i wasnt running anything
  8. Will do after this game, gotta get that dub
  9. You're probably right, but it doesnt explain the excessive amount of ram being used when my windows user uses a total of 5GB..
  10. Thanks for the info - never knew about that!
  11. never had any issues with adware with ISLC, i've been using it for a little over a year and never had issues with my pc getting slower, is there a better way to clean out your ram though?
  12. Why shouldn't i use RAM cleaners? im curious ^^
  13. Hello, Im running a 32gb ram system and everything is detected whenever i open up Intelligent Standby List Cleaner (ISLC) but the problem is that even with a fresh restart of my pc, i usually only have about 23GB ram free to use, and nothing on the joblist shows any signs of using more than 4GB. I was wondering if anyone had the same issue with a possible fix for it! The picture attatched was taken when i was playing Call of Duty which in the joblist only uses about 4GB of ram, so i have no idea what would cause my pc to use so much ram... The task manager has been sorted from highest ram usage to lowest. thanks in advance EDIT: Under the user tab in task manager it says im the only account, and it's using 5GB of ram in total
  14. will try and look into it - i just noticed i had some updates in asus amoury, so im trying to update em all to see if it changes anything