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  1. I have a WD Blue 2tb 5400rpm and WD Purple 2tb 7200rpm. Does a raspberry have any drawbacks over a dedicated NAS? Would be there any options for me if I wanted a dedicated NAS anyways? (I left out that gigabit lan is also a must)
  2. So until now I had my old PC as my nas, but the electricity comes out to like 100-120$/year (70W average), and I'm planning to use it long term, it would be a better investment to buy a NAS. It must have torrenting capability and 2 disk capacity. Can be second hand, doesn't matter, the maximum I can spend on it is 250$. Thanks!
  3. I just don't understand that why do they cut corners here? I mean if you spend 1000€/$/whatever+ on a laptop why can't they spend the extra buck to use good paste...
  4. If your ROG laptop runs hot and thermal throttles, it's quite possible that it is because the stock thermal paste. I have got a Strix Scar III G531GU and had CPU temps over 95C of course with thermal throttling, so I have decided to void my warranty and repaste the machine. The chosen paste was Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. After repasting, i got temps around 20C lower, so on a combined stress test with the CPU and GPU pinned to 100% it was around 75C on both. Just a heads up so that you know what are you dealing with and how much performance can be left on the table. In some games now I have 20-30fps more while the laptop is quieter. I have attached 2 images of the stock thermal paste (wich was more like thermal concrete) application and hardness.
  5. Repasting finally solved the issue, I used Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and the temps are now under control at about 75-80 on the CPU and 75 max at GPU.
  6. I don't know what I did to that battery, but I'm sure I would do it again since it now works. Took everything apart and assembled it once again and it just started working. Must have been a contact issue or something like that.
  7. I just changed the HDD to an SSD and cleaned up an Asus R540 laptop wich was working perfectly before, even after reassembling. Now it only turns on when the power cord is plugged in and then it says battery is charged to 99%, and whem I unplug the cord it immediately shuts off. Anthing that could cause this?
  8. Okay, then repasting it is Thanks for the help!
  9. Do u have any other issues with yours? Or anything that I should be worried about, or any reason not to loose warranty?
  10. Oh I'm sorry. Then I guess I'm stuck with 120Hz. Anyways, it works like this and it's not such a big problem. Thanks for the correction @Kilrah
  11. I have an Asus G531GU with i5-9300H and GTX1660Ti and while gaming (or even doing anything that uses the CPU mildly) the CPU temps reach as hot as 98c, while the GPU stays at around 75c. I think that theres something to do with the mounting of the cooler, could that be an issue? Or simply bad thermal paste? Unfortunately I can't replace the paste without losing the warranty and Asus won't replace it eitherw under warranty. Undervolting doesn't help either, nor does using a cooling pad. The CPU can sustain 32-35W power and 4Ghz, but still, it's thermal throttling sometimes and im not comfortable with these kind of temps even if it is a laptop. So the question is, would a simple repasting solve the issue and is it worth it voiding my warranty for it wich has around 1.5 years left?
  12. Use this guide and dont be dumb like me: Short answer to my question: Yes
  13. I could not find the hub i was looking for, but i bought a Verbatim 49142 wich in theory can output 144Hz on HDMI and all I need is a HDMI to DP cable.
  14. There are not. FOrtunately, I managed to solve the issue. Here's how: https://superuser.com/questions/1097780/prevent-screen-turning-off-when-lid-is-closed (Using the gpedit.msc method) Now everything works fine. Thanks for the help @Enderman!