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  1. https://www.finn.no/bap/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=179399427 This is the cheapest 1080ti thats for sale here, its been in a mining rig. i did offer her 400 bucks for it but she didnt reply on that offer. Ive heard that it is one of the worst1080ti card?
  2. there is a big store that sells a MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT MECH OC with 5 year warranty for 4800nok, maybe i should just go for that?
  3. Ive heard that Israel is also an expansive country for computer hardware. Thats to bad Isnt even Intel from Isreal? tought that they would be cheaper than AMD there since its the production country. But im going to stick with your advice, im going offshore for 2 weeks tommorow, maybe i can find a good deal on a used 1080ti by then
  4. Norway is expensive... And there is alot of people who couldnt afford the 1080ti thats very excited theese day to buy them used, about 2 years ago people payd over 1000 bucks for a used one
  5. The PNY 2060s OC 8gb i 470usd new, is that better than the 5700xt? I dont really care about ray tracing
  6. Maybe thats the way to go, the plan in the start was to get a cheap 1080ti used, i thought that i could get one for around 350 bucks used, but they get sold for around 5-600 Dollars. Maybe i should just be a little more patient and check the retail page daily for a 1080
  7. The PNY RTX 2080s OC is "only" 750 bucks new, other 2080 cards are over 1000 dollars here. i know it sounds not smart, but i think the 3080ti will not bee available before early next year.
  8. The thing is the 1060 card i hardly keeping up anymore, especially after i went to 35" ultra wide 3440x1440 VA screen.
  9. i dont think the old computer would benefit from the new gen GPUs thats coming, its a old AMD 8 core from 2013. I now it would be wise to still use the 1060 card i bit longer but ive just started to build my new rig with a 3950x, and i feel the 1060 is already lagging behind in the games i play (MOD MW and Total war Warhammer) I dont think the 3080ti will be available here in Norway until 2021
  10. ive building a new gaming rig atm but i havent yet bought the GPU I was temporarily going to buy a used 1080Ti, but even the used ones are overpriced here i Norway (about 600 dollars used) There is a shop that sells the PNY GeForce RTX 2080 Super XLR8 OC for 750 usd here, and thats really cheap for a rtx 2080 card, most of them are over 1000 bucks here in norway many people even sells used 2080 card without super used for for 700 dollars... Ive decided that i want to buy the 3080ti when its released, but until that i need a GPU to use. After i buy the 3080ti im thinking of giving the RTX 2080 to my nephew, who is also going to take over my current rig that has a 1060 dual 6gb in it.
  11. So its unnecessary for me to bother to buy the second CPU cable? When i explained it to the local computer hardware store they just said i was crazy to even think about using my old PSU in my new computer especially if i was missing out on one of the CPU cables Its 3 years old i think, but it only has been used on a office computer for 3 weeks after it was bought (dont ask why )
  12. Thanks for the replies ive been looking everywhere for the second connector but its nowhere to be found. I did contact the local microshops but they couldnt provide me with new cables for the Cooler master PSUs, they offcourse told me to buy a brand new PSU and that would be safest. My V1200 PSU has only been used for about 4 weeks and laying mostly in the box for 4 years, it still looks brand new other than missing some cables...
  13. I everybody Im currently building a new PC with a 3950x CPU and X570 Master Motherboard. Im going to use my old PSU, a Cooler Master V1200 Platunim that is fully modular. My Concern is that im missing out on a CPU cable from the PSU, it came with two CPU cables, but i only have 1 now... Would it be okay to run this CPU with only one 8 pin cable? Its a 8 pin connector in the PSU, and a 4+4 in the CPU end.