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  1. @Oswin Oh god no, everything in dota 2 is put onto the lowest possible setting, like it still runs, but with discord open, its a real pain. When i get a new machine, i would maybe like to play some RTS games or farming simulators or something like that. I think https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/xtbbMc looks really nice, maybe would change the ram to 2x16gb and add another HD maybe SSD or HD not sure yet, maybe will wait till September. would it be possible to just assemble it myself? i would just need the correct screwdrivers and thermal paste i'm guessing, and the rest should be pretty self explanatory after a alot of swearing and looking up linus videos a good half a day i would think. (zero experience assembling computers, but i do know my way around them)
  2. @Oswin Also, newer hardware around the corner, would that be just in time for Christmas? should i get newer hardware or buy the older stuff cheaper? How many months would you expect it to be?
  3. @Oswin Toshiba satellite laptop about 5 years old (i think) Intel core i7-5500u cpu @2.4GHz 2 cores 16 GB ram (2x8gb) intel HD graphics 5500 1GB or is it nvidia geforce 930M 2GBs ( i think, 2.1 billion bytes) Samsung ssd 860 QVO 1TB
  4. Sorry another question about eh ram whats the diffference between CL16 and CL18?
  5. marmour and oswin Great suggestions, i currently have 16gb of ram in my current machine, and it feels like i struggle alot when i have discord and dota open at the same time, will 16gb (2x8gb) be enough for the new one or is 2x16gb better (and still within a resonable price)?
  6. Cool thanks, will keep that in mind. $1000 just for graphics card and cpu, not gonna blow my budget?
  7. Budget (including currency): look, i'm probably willing to pay $1600AUD to start with, just on the system. But a +-$300AUD would also be acceptable. Country: Australia, Queensland, Rockhampton (so semi rural area) Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Essentially the only game i play is Dota 2, So i would love to have that on ultra high settings, and also have a couple of tabs open in firefox with youtube videos in the background, and possibly some 'media player classic' windows opened paused at where i left the show i was watching. Doing all 3 at the same time would be great :D. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): I would like a new monitor, The one i have is fine, its like 5 years old, does the job but, i'm open to a new monitor, Preferably one of those curved widescreen ones i was looking at (saw in the shop harvey norman at $1600 and thought that was a bit much). My sound bar is pretty horrible one of these cheap $70 ones from officeworks, pluged it in and sounded really tinny (i've gotten used to it, but still pretty bad) so maybe a sound bar option would be appreciated. Another thing i saw was a thunderbolt laptop dock with a graphics card enclosure, I might be planning on working at minesites for possibly 2 weeks on and 1 week off, so this would appeal to me having a portable option (my 5 yr old laptop is still capable of running dota 2 but just barely so unsure if i would like a laptop or desktop for my new machine, but either is fine) I havn't really been keeping up with the computer scene as much as i did say about 10-15 years ago, so looking at all the parts and options available gets me a little confused at what i'm looking at, and how much each stuff i need i.e. 4 cores 8 cores is there really that much difference? how does that help me? Clock speed has increased a little if not stayed the same as a few years ago, but they've just put in more cores, confuses me a little bit. Also ram capacity hasn't increased as much as i would've thought over the years (i guess the speed is different, its just one of those things i havn't kept up with). A big note on the case, I don't want any RGB lights, my current computer has post it notes/blu-tack on the lights cause they really annoy me. So any system please, no RGB lights.