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  1. So I have a 'vintage' Thinkpad that I got through my university. It came preloaded with Vista, and has been running 7 for years. I just cloned the HDD onto an SSD and updated it to Windows 10. But now I can see a partition on my SSD which is labelled the E: drive. Most of the stuff on it hasn't been modified since 2006 or 7... however, in spite of Windows being on C : ... the boot folder is on E: along with the BCD file, which was modified today. I would really like to delete this partition, but I don't want to break Windows. Help?
  2. Ok. Update. The SSD wasn't it. I reinstalled windows on a completely virgin SSD straight out of the box with nothing else plugged in and it still gave me the error. So I pulled the GTX 760 and stuck the old 400 series back in annnnmdddd... Windows works.
  3. Thing is though, I reinstalled windows, deleting everything on my system disc, and it's still failing to boot into windows. My next thought is to install windows on a different SSD.
  4. Also, I don't think it has inboard graphics.
  5. Yeah the 760s were running in SLI in my old system with no issues. And as I said, the card was working before I deleted my nvidia folder. BTW, during this brain fart... it didn't even finish. It froze while doing that and BSOD.
  6. Yeah the 400 series card was struggling. It's an I5 750 Asus P7H55-M motherboard 16 gig 1333 mhz (DDR3) Asus GTX 760
  7. Yeah I reinstalled windows from a USB... and the same thing is happening. Also, before I had my moment of glory and attempted to delete my nvidia folder, the GTX760 was working absolutely fine. The only problem was the system refusing to update the drivers.
  8. Hi all. I have an old rig I wanted to update as a minecraft machine. I removed the old 400 series GPU and plugged in a GTX 760. Everything was working fine until I tried to update the Nvidia drivers. When I attempted to update them, it kept failing... so I tried deleting the nvidia folder (with the intention of reinstalling from scratch) Which was when my system ended up in a BSOD 'Critical Service Failed' cycle. When it tries to load windows.. I get the loading screen, then a brief flash of some kind of white border before BSOD. Here's what I have tried. Safe mode - same issue Reset PC - not enough drive space Removing the card and replacing with a different GTX 760 - same issue Installing a completely fresh copy of Windows 10 from a USB... same issue. I would give you logs etc, but I literally cannot get Windows to load no matter what I try.
  9. That's what I was afraid of. Oh well, I shall just use my USB 2 adaptor. That PCIe port isn't accessible at all. It's an early design where the mini port is on the left of the single PCIe port instead of the right... so the GPU cooler blocks it.
  10. Yeah that's what I am looking for. As I said, I could easily use a USB 3 > USB 2 adapter, but I wondered if a USB 3 > Sata adapter existed, as it would be faster?
  11. I would like to take the front usb cable and plug it into a sata port on the motherboard through some sort of adaptor or controller. As I said, I'm aware of PCIe cards that do the job, but I can't get to the slot.
  12. Accidental post still had the pro forma and nothing else.
  13. I have an ooooold mobo, and I put it in a new case with USB 3 front ports. I have an adaptor to shove that into a USB 2 header, but I was wondering if there is something that would connect to one of the spare Sata data ports on the mobo? I can't find one, but does such an adaptor exist? I would use a PCIe card, but the slot is covered by the GPU cooler.