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  1. Yes it makes sense thank you! However i dont plan on upgrading my gpu anytime soon im only interested in the cpu upgrade
  2. i think i understand what you are saying right now and it sounds very complicated my desk size is very limited and i am wondering if simply putting in a new psu with an adapter would work in a system like this
  3. You lost me at the paperclip part and the gpu does not have any power connectors in it. It is getting power directly from the pcie slot. Sorry for not understanding again im very new to this
  4. I tried taking pics of the motherboard as best i could but the harddrive and dvd thing that i never use were in the way also i took a pic of the main power connecter (pic 3)
  5. Great thank you so much! Ill go ahead and buy a better psu and an adapter so i can future proof any upgrades. Also i know this is kinda stupid but is ebay safe to buy from? Ive only used amazon before and ebay sounds like an online yardsale. Do companies sell things or is it just people?
  6. The model number is at the bottom of og post and i dont use facebook lol thats for my dad
  7. Sick thank you so much for the help it had been stressing me out researching the web for answers ill let you know how the upgrade worked in a month or two
  8. i dont know what you mean by facebook but i was asking if i could put in a different motherboard into the pc i already have
  9. Ok i just wanted to make sure that a cpu upgrade would be fine the one im wanting to upgrade to also has a tdp of 65 watts it just confused me that they were the same tdp
  10. Also no i did not edit the post there is no reason for me to lie as i am seeking for help apologies if i hadnt made it clear this is my first time asking for help in forums
  11. and returning it is not an option at this point honestly