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  1. dude the only reason im asking is cause youtube dont got an answer god damn dude i read them and i understood just people said it will be sickening thats why you change resolution ALL im saying is thanks
  2. just asking public and seeing if they could help but some help more then others since the GTX 1050 TI is not the best and i needed help with the 1650 thats it, not regretting cause there are NO youtube videos of the 1650 but of 1050 TI thats why i came here.
  3. and i bought the PC for post scriptum and WWII games. and found out its past the recommended
  4. ok, but a GTX 1050 TI is OK for VR without motion sickness but, a 1650 isnt LOL exsplain this logic please.
  5. thanks but im trying to buy a laptop for VR and the acer nitro 5 had a good CPU and GPU so i bought it so i want info on the VR so im asking, dose anybody got a laptop with a GTX 1650 or PC the CPU is fine as im useing this laptop for a year and gonna buy me a full VR supported PC
  6. all i need is for sombody to use the steam VR test so i can get a BASE deffinition on what the GPU can do since i want the acer nitro 5 (since im not wanting to spend 1000 on a laptop that wont be heavy)
  7. i did not dude im trying to buy the acer nitro 5 and i wanted to know smh
  8. © made by: Bruh21 / Cousin Richard#6243

  9. well thats were low spec gamers graphic changer comes into play
  10. UwU

    Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 7.16.28 PM.png

    1. bruh21


      i hope linus finds this 


  11. youtube is blank with info on if the GTX 1650 is VR ready or not.