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  1. Faster response time on monitor is better on gaming. I really love this Monitor and I would definitely recommend it. this is just my opinion, maybe other members can suggest better monitors.
  2. Budget is 150$, could be better if you recommend something lower in that price point. I’m from the Philippines. Would like to hear your recommendation.
  3. I’m getting the Steelseries Apex 7 keyboard but I need help on choosing the right key switches.
  4. I can recommend getting fans. I am also using InWin 101 and adding 3 fans lowered my temps. But I really recommend getting that BeQuiet 500DX if you have the budget, this is a better case than the 101.
  5. https://www.asus.com/Monitors/VP249QGR/ this is what I meant.
  6. I recommend ASUS VP249QGR it’s a 144hz Monitor, 24inch and IPS. This is also under 200$
  7. This is pretty good already for Photoshop. I recommend Ryzen 5 3600 since it’s faster than Intel i5 9600.
  8. Have you tried reseating the RAMs? Maybe it is not placed in properly, that’s why it’s not showing a display on your monitor.
  9. I would recommend an Intel CPU if you’re just gaming cause Intel CPUs has an increase in fps.
  10. Gigabyte GTX 1660 Gaming OC, this is a Tri Fan GPU which... might be heavy.
  11. I think my CPU Cooler is not that heavy since it is a Stock AMD Wraith Stealth cooler. Would you still recommend to remove it?
  12. I think you can’t, since the HDMI in the laptop is actually a Display Out.
  13. I’m gonna be transporting my PC soon to another location. I’m transporting it through a Car in a Ship, I need help on how to safely transport it.