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    Bexhill, UK
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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    GA-A320M-S2H V2
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    Corsair Vengeance (2x8GB) 3000MHz C16
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    AMD Radeon RX570 ROG Strix OC Edition 4GB
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    Kolink Castle Midi Tower ATX Tempered Glass - Black
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    1TB WD Blue 7200RPM HDD
    500GB Seagate HDD (Raided from a broken PS4)
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    Corsair VS550 💩
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    Stock AMD Cooler
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    Hyper X Alloy FPS RGB (Kaihl Speed Silver)
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    Corsair Harpoon RGB
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    Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless
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  1. No. Sometimes asking straight up is better. If the fans were the problem, he would probably say.
  2. If you choose to do a new build you can take the RAM and storage out of that PC and sell the other parts individually/as a bundle.
  3. Depends on the quality, A good one will last 8 Years+ Some cheap ones will struggle to make a few hours if placed in a High end system.
  4. I wouldn't trust it. Cheaper to buy a new PSU than to replace everything that breaks when it goes bang. If it's a decent PSU it will last you 3-5 years anyway, probably more for the higher end stuff.
  5. Hey, in games my GPU usage goes to 0% for no known reason and when it does there's huge stuttering. It happens in all games at all settings. This has happened since I got it a week ago and all drivers have been updated to the latest as well as a windows reinstall. The problem still exists. Is this an issue with the card itself or a software somewhere?
  6. Yes, motherboard has never been changed on this system. I'll find another OS to test on. I know it isn't the GPU. Replaced it recently and the problem continues.
  7. I'll try next time. This was happening on my old CPU but not as often, but I don't think it is related to the upgrade. No spare MB but planning to upgrade in the next few months. If I could figure out what it is I'd upgrade that first.
  8. 1) When this issue is happening the hard drive light on the front panel doesn't light up if that helps 2) No it doesn't. This board is really budget.
  9. Turned off XMP and problem still happens. This has happened before PSU and RAM upgrades but has gotten worse over time. So I wouldn't say it's related to that. I'm thinking MB or HDD. But neither really has a reason to be playing up. System was fine out of the box 1 year ago.
  10. Just checked. Nothing like that is enabled
  11. Hey guys. I have a slight issue with my PC again. (Beginning to think this thing doesn't like me) When shutting down through Windows 10, the monitor goes to no signal and CPU fan goes to max speed. Then it just stays there. Does not actually turn off. I can turn it off by holding the front panel on/off button for 5sec but I don't want to continue doing this in case I damage something or corrupt data. Since this has started I also get a similar issue when powering on. Turns on, CPU fan to max but no output. but in this scenario it cannot be turned off at all, it must be done at the PSU switch. (again, not something I want to be doing) Sometimes it takes more than 10 cycles of this happening for it to boot into Windows, sometimes it works first time. When the PC boots into W10 after this happening I never have any internet. And the PC has to be restarted through Windows to connect to the internet. These do not happen every time the system is turned on or off. The power on issue has happened for a few months and the shutting down issue has been happening the past week or so. I know it is not the GPU as I have swapped it out and problem has continued. Specs W10 1TB WD BLUE 7200RPM R5 2600 1050ti / RX 570 GA A320M-S2H V2 550w Corsair PSU All on latest drivers and updates. Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
  12. If you're only interested in playing COD, wait for the new one to come out before you build. New hardware will be coming out around that time. And there would be no point spending £50 on Modern Warfare when a new one comes out in like 3 months or so.
  13. Bear in mind that customs can be hit and miss. I ordered a metal bucket from the US once by accident and customs destroyed it because it was "suspicious". You probably won't be entitled to a refund either as you have nothing to return. It will probably be fine but you might get unlucky and lose a few hundred quid. It's better to just buy a used one off of ebay.