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  1. my 3years old current settup is doing just fine on playing games, league of legends + valorant ultra att 120-150 fps, Fortnite high settings at 100fps and pretty much every games is playable with a lil graphic settings tweak,. so your statement is pretty much debatable.
  2. It is indeed for gaming only, but wouldn't 3950x perform better than the 3600 playing those cpu/gpu intensive games? I was thinking by getting the 3950x I'm just gonna have to upgrade the video card over the years. What cpu/gpu will pair well to play fps games around 144hz at mid to high setting and sustain much time? In terms of overkill. And Sorry for my cliche question
  3. Sounds about right, I've been reading a lot that the RX 5700xt is capable enough to display 1440p
  4. Indeed my dude, apologize for my newbie statement. I'm into fps games like cod warzone, and looking forward to build a setup that is 5 years future-proof. and play upcoming games at decent performance. Really wanna display a 144hz 1440p and due to my limited knowledge in this field I only picked a gpu with fine specs and overkill for a certain period of time.
  5. Finally decided to pick a ryzen 9 3950x, but the bottleneck calculator says that RX 5700Xt is way too weak comparing the cpu What's the most fit gpu for this beast, and what else can make a good pair with it?
  6. Morocco, Im aware but i had it with this fucking computer. Ofc I won't forget all the good times I had with it but theses stuttering in codwz are killing me
  7. Im really looking for a low budget computer about 500-600usd to display a 1080p at144hz rate any help will be appreciated ❤❤❤❤
  8. This is useful indeed!!!!! thank you so much. I'll make check on local stores this evening and dm you right back on if you don't mind. Once again thank you so much!
  9. Budget (including currency):750-1000 dollars Country: Morocco Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming mostly, Cod warzone, and other some upcoming games at 1440p/1080p 144hz. I'm all about performance. Other details Gotta 3 years old build and wanna upgrade it, figured out Im gonna need a new monitor and computer. I made few researches and listed the following components CPU: Ryzen 5 3600XT GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Monitor: AOC CQ27G1 27" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor QHD/2K, 1ms, 144Hz, FreeSync, Still unfinished,Im not so sure about these components if they are enough to display 1440p/1080p at 144hz Any suggestions/recommendations will be so much appreciated And sorry for my newbie post.