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  1. If you dead set on getting more out your graphics card why don't you meet in the middle. Get a standard 2060 for less than 300 that will be an improvement on your 1060 without busting the bank balance and will give you a bit more until the 3080s are in stock for you.
  2. Hi All, Has anyone had any experience of buying a gpu from the US/Canada and having it delivered to them in the UK? I'm interested to know what import tax was like as the value of a new high end GPU in the states is so much lower than the UK. Would it be worth paying the import duty to make a saving? I get warranties and returns might not be valid, but I'd be interested to see the mark up.
  3. Yeah I thought as much. Shame really as it would be super useful to be able to switch over from one feed to another with a small dock in front of my screens to the input I need at that moment.
  4. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice for a bluetooth audio splitter/router. Due to Covid I'm now working from home and have multiple meeting a day via Microsoft Teams. I have a set of Sony WH-CH510 wireless Bluetooth headphone that I use on my calls paired via Bluetooth to my work laptop. What I want to know, is their a BT switch/router available that I can wirelessly pair all my other devices (note 10+, pc, firestick) and not have to individually pair the head set each time? So much like a wireless hub, the devices are picked up in to the BT receiver and I can pair my headset and listen. Using the switch to select which channel I need at the time should I get a call on Teams (work pc) midway through listening to something on Spotify (phone)? I can see there are wired options available but nothing appears clear that they can do it wireless. Any help would be great Ian