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  1. I didn't get into system after install it (2* 120g SATA SSD, 1 *1T HDD, 1*500g SATA SSD)
  2. I thought that you can just pick one which have included Intel AX200 chip and good looking antenna design (I heard that AX201 isn't compatible with AMD's chipset)
  3. I have reinstalled Windows 10 1903 and it still got BSOD. So I decide to wait for a long time until it got stabilized.
  4. I knew that, so when It happens first time, I have the same idea as yours
  5. Have tried it, it just not recognize all of SATA drive and in the manual,It told me just set up in AHCI mode
  6. I install storemi 2.0 form AMD's website After reboot, I got BSOD with message "inaccessible boot device " Does anyone here have same problem? MB: GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE WIFI with F12e BIOS CPU: R7 3700X