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  1. i couldn't do it myself but i did ask the repair shops if they could put a different connector in but they refused
  2. i went to a 3rd party to repair it first but they said they couldn't get the part.
  3. it needs to be replaced a piece of plastic that was in the dc jack broke off into the the charger so it needs to be replace i have tried fixing it myself but cant
  4. no they sent it to the closest asus repair shop which is down the road from me so it isnt shipping they sent the laptop back to me for free after diagnosing the problem which i chose not to get it repaired
  5. asus is charging $1730 AUD for my rog strix g531gt the part that broke on it is the dc port to charge it i bought the laptop for $1599 aud can they do this? I dont what i can do. am i stuck with a $1599 paperweight