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  1. 3200 CL 16 32 GB RAM, a very fast nvme ssd, raw video footage is around 1 hour, video editing software is adobe premier(can switch to others since I'm still learning).
  2. Thanks. So it won't take too long(won't take like 4 hours to render a video)?
  3. Can I have dual rtx 2060 super in a system? I'm not going for sli or nvlink, but can I still use it for other things(such as deep learning)?
  4. will it be alright for video editing of a small home youtube channel when paired with 2080 super(I understand the balance is off, but video editing is not the main objective here)?
  5. btw, is it easy to build in for beginners?
  6. ATX perferably, budget is less than $70 but as low as possible(including the case fans cost). Currency: USD; no micro center near by.
  7. hello! I'm looking for a decent case that is easy to build in for a first time builder as cheap as possible(to save budget for other components ofc). There's plenty of "best budget case" online, but haven't seen one that adds the cost of extra case fans in it. Thanks in advance.
  8. but I'm always seeing it so I was just curious(saw it in reddit comments as well), thanks anyways.
  9. so like, they are generally accurate, but not very detailed? is that what you meant?
  10. so basically I saw in a youtube comment saying LTT testing is inaccurate and what not. Some one said ltt is bad at testing in general. Would love to know what he/she is referring to.
  11. I meant, testing tech stuff(cpu, gpu, etc.)
  12. dude, just create an alt-account. if you still want your current saved part list, maybe manually transfer them???(idk) or you just ignore that mail icon.