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  1. Hello everyone, Thanks for all your inputs on this thread, I finally took it into a repair shop and the technician there said that the small transistor there is a power management transistor for the type-C port on the back of the card so as long as I am avoiding that port I should be fine. Thanks again!
  2. Hello everyone, I am super freaked out right now as I was working on installing my custom loop kit from EK and I was working on removing the shroud from my TITAN RTX to install the waterblock on it and I accidentally broke off this little capacitor/resistor on my GPU that has the number (Q836) written under it.. Now this is not my first time removing shrouds from GPUs or installing custom loop kits so I am not a beginner but this just freaks me out and please if there is anyone out there who knows the purpose of this small capacitor please let me know and if there is any danger on my GPU or not. Kindly note that I already screwed back everything on and threw the GPU back in my PC and rand FuryMark in the background + played a demanding game (Escape from Tarkov) for almost half an hour and nothing abnormal happened but I just want to absolutely make sure that this will not suddenly kill my GPU if I try to overclock it or do some serious rendering with it. Sorry for the long post and thanks to anyone who can provide an input on this.