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  1. I installed SpeedFan to set a custom curve for my case fans and everything works fine, however when i use the same settings for my cpu fan it just turns off. The settings i used for my case fans are: "Advanced" tab->Pwm 1(which controls all them since they're PST) mode: "Manual" and then set a custom curve in the "Fan Control" tab. For my CPU fan: Advanced -> Pwm 2(i confirmed this is my cpu fan since other settings work) mode: "Manual", then set a custom curve like the other one. I can see on the "Readings" tab that it's actually detecting the fan control since the speed % changes with my temps, but it still says 0 RPM and my fan turns off. The only settings that work with it are "Speed Cruise" and "Smart IV" but it seems neither of them are that good.