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  1. Mr. Brovahkiin

    My weak link GPU...

    I'd look again. The Zotac one doesn't have a 6 pin and it's only pulling 75 watts which is going to be just over the PCIE port
  2. Mr. Brovahkiin

    GPro Wireless va G903

    Gpro 100%. Much better weight, more universal shape and better battery life
  3. Mr. Brovahkiin

    Best $500 Graphics Card?

    Probably a 2070 or possibly a used 1080ti. Although a used 1080ti for 500 may be be wishful thinking
  4. Mr. Brovahkiin

    Temps worse after delidding

    Ok so I tried it 1 more time, trying to get as little paste on the die as possible, scraping the adhesive off, and using scotch tape to make sure the paste didn't get anywhere else and at the very least I'm back to my original temps, maybe slightly better. I'll order more paste and liquid metal and try that and just stop being a pussy about it haha. Think were all good here for now thank you for the help guys
  5. Mr. Brovahkiin

    Temps worse after delidding

    No I removed the old stuff haha. I'm thankfully not that dumb. I chose paste because I still saw people have gains by just replacing the paste with better paste
  6. Mr. Brovahkiin

    Temps worse after delidding

    Ok so I think I may know the issue. I think it may be a combo of not removing the silicon adhesive and still using too much thermal paste. I'm out of paste so I'll have to order more and try again. I didn't think not removing the adhesive would be that much of an issues since I'd seen other people do it with success but that was also with liquid metal.
  7. So I decided to delid my 8700k. I used the delid die mate 2 and used thermal grizzly thermal paste and my temps are now worse then they were before. I thought I used too much paste the first time so I redid it with less and it was actually slightly worse then the first time. Am I doing something wrong here? It's not like there is a hot spot Or one core is hotter then the rest so I'm kind of stumped here. Testing with Aida64. I also did not remove the black silicon adhesive off the die so maybe it's raising up the IHS and making the temps worse then they should be?
  8. Mr. Brovahkiin

    Looking for upgrade advice

    Middle of the road would definitely be 2500/2600 Ryzen.
  9. What mother board do you have? I had issues with my EVGA Z370 FTW not seeing my 850 EVO as a bot drive unless I set the boot mode option to "Legacy" and not UEFI which did fix the issue. Dig around your BIOS and see what you can find in terms of boot mode options. I realize your post says the bios sees it but you never know
  10. Mr. Brovahkiin

    SSD Troubles

    Could potentially be the controller on the SSD failing. Although, I've had issue with Windows not wanting to install on perfectly good drives that eventually did work. When it says it won't install, does it throw up any error codes? Try plugging in just that drive and try any combination of formatting the drive and erasing it or whatever the windows installer calls it. I've tried that a few times and eventually it works
  11. Mr. Brovahkiin

    Favorite CS:GO team

    It was OpTic back when the had the NA roster and even the international roster. The danish roster is just so terrible I can't bring myself to root for them. Plus it doesn't help that I dislike K0nfig and CajunB from their time on North to basically kicking Stanislaw and Shazam
  12. Mr. Brovahkiin

    Overclocking reduce life span?

    Nah you'll be fine. Nvidia has locked down their cards so hard that even if you wanted to do damage you'd need to find a custom bios
  13. Mr. Brovahkiin


    Yeah I would try this first. DDU is fantastic
  14. Mr. Brovahkiin

    Cherry Browns vs Reds for Typing

    I prefer browns to reds. I'm using reds on a Corsair k65 lux after using blues for 5+ years and I honestly am having issues getting used to typing on it due to the lack of feedback. I honestly type better on even a cheap logitech membrane keyboard because its more tactile
  15. Mr. Brovahkiin

    wireless gaming mouse

    I'd only recommend corsair mice if you have smaller hands. They all tend to be on the smaller side. More normal sized hands something like the g703/403 would be recommended. i use the g703 and it's the best mouse I've ever used