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  1. No problem bro here's updated list https://pcpartpicker.com/user/o-san/saved/#view=qbgRTW
  2. I picked Seasonic FOCUS PX-850 for 169$
  3. Done https://pcpartpicker.com/user/o-san/saved/#view=qbgRTW
  4. updated build https://pcpartpicker.com/user/o-san/saved/qbgRTW
  5. No problem with argument but he goes far away from the core of the post I'm open for any opinions that's why I'm here So no regrets on 3950x for some years Thank you for the explaination and your kindness
  6. No problem for going lower , my idea to build pc for +5 years. For the gpu it was temporary choice till nvidia new gpus
  7. feeling that you are very angry . FYI i can get that build without posting a thread or asking you here(in the end its my $$$). But because i have no background no experience so i needed some advices and opinions. If you have any certain parts or recommendation can increase preformance or reduce the cost and getting same preformance you are welcome
  8. Actually this is my 1st build so i have no background, and picked most parts according to the highest rating in amazon and newegg Thanks to recommending some psus
  9. Ok i will go with 3950x Q: is 4th gen will use same socket as 3rd gen for future upgrade Thanks
  10. Thanks everyone Actually i can't wait since my gaming console is dead If i go to amd i have to wait 4th gen , i preferd to stay with intel
  11. Budget (5000$): Hello everyone Iam building new pc for gaming+ 3d work (60/40). Already choose these parts: Case: fractal design 7 xl (221.6$) Cpu: intel i9-10900k (550$) Mobo: GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Master (369.99$) Gpu: rtx 2070s (temporary untill new nvidia cards) (580.53$) Ram: g.skill ripjaws v 32GB (209.1$) Psu: Evga supernova 1000 p2 80+ platinum 1000w (299.18$) Storage: sam 970 evo plus (399$) Mouse: logitech 903 (115.55$) KB: corsair k95 rgp platinum (159.99$) Fan controller: corsair commander pro (74.29$) Fans:noctua NF-14 (8Pcs 215.2$) Now for the case iam planning to water cooling in future Any advice or opinion ?! Thanks