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  1. maybe it is booting up but the system is like are you an os or not till the time it is loading the bios be like f you idk have time for that.
  2. think centre m82 when booted from one time boot menu that single underscore blinking comes and goes as how a usual os does and then maybe the freenas cursor appears then error 1962 and no bootable os..... and idk for now
  3. I tried installing on different drives but no improvement
  4. I recently bought a lenovo thinkcentre for a nas and tried installing free nas on it. The install media works and I booted to it and it did install on the drive but when Booting from it is not booting. There is a third gen i3 in it.
  5. Hey are you using wifi or eithernet if wifi there are some janky things with wifi if ethernet then 2 possibilities Problem with the pc or maybe with your router. The routers is maybe throttling make sure it remains cool. another tip try the same thing with another system. And another tip which is pretty jank but actually true, I had a laptop with spinning rust(hdd) it really did that but when i upgraded the hdd to ssd that thing just went away like my reaction was that is that for real. like when I used to run speed test task manager used to show that spiky graph while speedtesting but now that thing has just vanished. Cheers
  6. I want redundancy and automation not that silly 2tb drive which costs a lot and also the data is also not safe. I want to sleep peacefully without worrying about my data.
  7. I want it to be automated and i guess 4 drives feel good for me and 1 drive for redundancy. so which software and drives is best. And yes i don't want for 24/7 opperations.
  8. Actually I want to build a nas for my dad's office for him. I can arrange a second hand dell pc with an 4th gen i5 and maybe 4gb of ram. I don't want to much fast speed and more storage the thing I want is reliability so ssd it is. 1-2 tb is enough so I want it around 20000 rupees including that dell pc costing around 11000 and yes it needs that ram upgrade for supporting any of those os. If there are any os which support 4gb ram do mention the name and steps for it. If there is any more clarification required do ask. Thanks if someone did help
  9. thank you bro with a little bit of tweaks I got it working thanks
  10. also i suspect that the second one has some less features to it
  11. the second one is my router which I explore on and do many projects with it but it does not have any internet. the first one is my router which I use for internet. so maybe the second one first.