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  1. Ahh well that stinks :( Atleast I know I didn't mess them up some how, I really appreciate your help! Thanks
  2. I did use that tool, I followed some guides on youtube, to summarize I run it as Admin and load the .rom - then press program and reboot. I'll attach the actual rom file I got from techpowered up maybe that'll help some. There are 3 different options under the model at techpoweredup, two of them my system boots into windows and then almost immediately freezes. (Had to enable integrated graphics to get back in and flash again.) Powercolor.RX470.4096.160731.rom
  3. Here you go - idle it sits at like 900ish but the second ANY load is put on the GPU it drops down instantly. Edit: I know I don't have newest drivers, but I tried and tried and just started going to whatever windows automatically updated it to for testing. currentbiosforforum.rom
  4. Sons PC, fresh install a few months ago.. Been troubleshooting them in this had a 1060 in it before, did DDU before I started on this adventure though. Just figured I'd give it a shot and maybe give one to a friend the price was right... I think $45 a piece.. You get what you pay for I guess, guy had good reviews though.
  5. So if I had a couple of these and they both did the same thing they just sent me a bad batch you think?
  6. I decided to purchase a cheap RX 470 for my sons rig, it was used for mining and still had mining bios.. I did a flash back to 'stock' bios and once finally finding a stable bios it will not go above 600Mhz core clock. I've tried messing with power settings.. AMD settings and can not find a cure, I'm thinking its the vbios from techpoweredup but its the only one I can find anywhere. Any recommendations? I did DDU for fresh drivers each time. Sits at 48c 597Mhz 100% load in Furmark. Any help is appreciated thanks!