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  1. ebay and paypal can be a start; they are trusted sites and you can have funds handled by a 3rd party. They charge some fees, but there is a cost to security. The other thing that I would think about is stripping out some of the modular parts, (gpu, rgb, perepherals) and selling them separately. ends up being more work for you, but more likely to get more of your investment back selling parts than a completed system.
  2. I still have both the RTX 2070, and a new in box (never got it to turn on even though I put it in the old build) Radeon 5500 xt. which one should I keep / try to use? I have a bit of experience building PCs, this is my first build with a GPU. I mostly stuck to productivity builds and things like that in school, 9001 9002 A+ didn't deal much with GPU troubleshooting, and honestly I didn't really think about it until I tried to emulate some gamecube games that stuttered a TON, and having some lag on my dnd streaming attempts....
  3. Budget (including currency): NA Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: primarily zoom and roll20.net role playing games and streaming with OBS, some emulation of n64, gamecube and other platform games, thinking about getting into PC games, but I REALLY SUCK at FPS shooter types. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): SO I have already placed the order, and I am looking for some tips on what I did wrong OLD PLAN: Intel i7 9700 ASUS Prime H310M-A R2.0 Corsair 32gb (2x16gb) RAM 3200 mhz Thermaltake 700w SMART White PSU Noctua NH-U12S with 1 fan (b/c i saw it on LTT) samsung m.2 1TB ssd Coolermaster MATX case (i just picked it b/c it was cheap) New plan: AMD Ryzen 7 3800x AsRock B550 Steel Legend NZXT H510 case (saw on ltt) same RAM same PSU same storage GPU issues I was gifted a RTX 2070 by a friend who could not use it in a server application; I could not get the old build to come back online after a shutdown. Restarting worked fine; but when I shut the computer down, the only way to get the PC to turn back on was to pop out the graphics card and then put it back. I pulled all the components, and put them back one by one until I got a reliable boot after shutdown without the GPU. I put in the RTX 2700, and got the same issue, it would boot the first time, but would not turn on after a shutdown without re-seating the GPU. I cleared the CMOS to all auto and standard profiles. I did an RMA on the motherboard. I changed the 8 pin connector that i was using (on the same wires) from the psu. same process, same issue. I purchased a Radeon 5500 XT for testing. The PC would not boot with the Radeon graphics card in the system. I got a second Radeon GPU, same result. I put the RTX 2070 back in, and the issue was the same. first boot all good, shutdown means that it won't power back on. I get no fan spin, no start then immediately off, just zero response to pushing the power button. I tried shorting the power pins together with my screwdriver, no change. I am in the process of returning the processor, motherboard, and case to Amazon, and have placed an order with NEWEGG.com for the new build plan. What am I doing wrong? What can I do to make sure my new plan goes better?
  4. further troubleshooting: RMA motherboard; same issue flashed BIOS to most recent per ASUS website; same issue set display to prefer PEG (no way to disable internal graphics in ASUS BIOS (that I could find); same issue Essentially, every time I power down my PC, I have to pop the graphics card, and put it back. Only after doing that, will the system respond to the power button at all. I have replaced EVERY component except the graphics card, which was a gift. current build: i79700 ASUS H310M-A R2.0 Corsair Vengance 2x16gb 3200 RAM Thermaltake 700W power supply 1TB samsung m.2 storage Noctua NH-U12S cooler (1 fan) RTX 2070 help.....?...... frustrated.......
  5. Ended up doing an RMA on the motherboard, it is brand new. So I will update after I get the new one. I tried to flash the bios on the motherboard, but I could not get it to go through. The version was stuck on 1004 for the Asus Prime h310m-a r2.0
  6. I got some great help here previously; here's hoping it happens again.... intel i7 9700 Asus PRIME H310M-A R2.0 16 GB (2x8GB) Hyperx Fury 2666 RAM 256GB Samsung M.2 SATA ssd Geforce RTX 2070 Thermaltake SMART series 700W PSU I can get the system to boot, and I got windows installed. but, whenever the system shuts down, it won't turn back on. The only way to get the system to turn back on is to pull the power, pop the graphics card, and clear the CMOS. THen I have to go into setup and then reset and then it comes back.... What am I doing wrong?
  7. So that is the expected outcome... thanks for confirming. I appreciate it
  8. ASUS H310M R2 (new) INTEL I7 7700t (used, known good) HYPERX Fury 16gb RAM (2X8) (new) EVGA 500W psu (new) Samsung m.2 sata 256gb ssd (used known good) Deepcool GAMMAX fan (new) Gigabyte RTX 2070 (new) So this is my first time building a rig in a LONG time. I have everything mounted and plugged in, the LEDs turn on the motherboard, and when I hit the power button, the light on the fan turns on and tirns back off after about 2 seconds. No post, nothing other than a spin up from the fan and then immediately back off. I was thinking that the motherboard was the wrong type, even though the socket is correct, but asus website is kind of crap and their customer service, at least via email, was less than helpful. Any advice is greatly appreciated.