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  1. The synthetic leather pads of my current headphones don't breathe. Maybe the pads you got have stitching so air can space?
  2. After looking at all the suggestions I bought the DT 770 pro 80ohm. I think I was a little bit biased to Beyerdynamic to begin with but Since I bought them from amazon, if the sound or impedance isn't what I was looking for I will return them and continue looking. Really thankfull to you all. I will leave a comment when they arrive (21-23 July) and I can try them.
  3. I live in Spain, the problem here is not if there is heat (because theres allways heat) but if the heat accumulates and the ears start to sweat. With the velour pads the heat can scape.
  4. English is my third language so I'm not sure if velour is what I think it is. I have the HyperX Cloud 2 with the "velour" pads and no heat accumulates but if I change the pads for the synthetic leather ones that come with the headsets my ears start to sweat a lot.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! I've read that the ATH-M50X aren't the best for gaming in general. The prices here (Spain-€) are similar to the US, maybe slightly higher, but the salaries are way lower. Fortunately, I don't have a budget problem right now, that's why I also asked if a jump to 400-500€ headphones were worth the money. If you also have any suggestions for a higher price headphones, let me know!
  6. Do you recommend this for gaming and content consumption? I read that the 32 ohms would be less analytical and better for that scenario.
  7. Unfortunately the Fostex are out of stock but I have seen good reviews at MassDrop. Thanks for the suggestion anyway!
  8. Hi guys, My HyperX Cloud 2 are starting to malfunction after 4 years of service and I'm beginning to search for a replacement. I checked the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO the 32 Ohm variant since will connect them to my Blue Yeti for monitoring my voice (I speak loudly and I have to control myself in games hehe). For me, the Cloud 2 sound fantastic for the price since I bought them for 75€ (sadly I haven't tried a lot of headphones) but since I have a separated microphone, I don't want to buy "gaming" headsets. I'm looking for headphones with: Closed back (I don't live alone and work from home till late at night) Big enough to go around the ears Velour earpads if possible (I live in Spain, lots of heat, I don't want to create a puddle in my ears) Primarily for content consumption and gaming. Price range from 100-250€ but I'm flexible (See next paragraph) After researching the closed back options of Beyerdynamic I saw that MassDrop has the Massdrop X Beyerdynamic DT 177X Go (based on the DT 1770 PRO), which are in a really different price range but also wanted to ask, is it worth it the jump from 100-200€ to 400-450€ for gaming and content consumption? If it's really noticeable for double the price and you have a recommendation, I will really appreciate it. Thanks to all in advance!