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  1. Hi, I'm building my pc and I can see that some of my devices cannot be plugged in the first USB port or first sata port due to cable shape. Is it OK to use Sata port 4 etc and not use any other sata ports before it? - also can I use usb port 2 and not use port 1 as my wraith cooler rgb USB can reach to number 2 only. I hope you get what I mean.
  2. @HairlessMonkeyBoy Oh so I daisy chain the male/female connectors. (using the 2 on left of each fan apart from the first fan). Then I use the 3rd and last connector (on the right of photo) and plug this in mobo or fanhub then mobo itself? Sorry if these questions are dumb.
  3. @HairlessMonkeyBoy Hi thanks for your reply. So which connectors should I use? Only daisy chain and plug into rgb header? Will the fans get any power to spin or will this only be for the rgb?
  4. Hi guys would like to say I'm a complete noob at pc building. So I purchased a pack of 5 these deepcool 120mm fans. - I have attached photos of instruction and fans. They have rgb which I want to utilise. HOWEVER they have 3 connectors coming of each fan and I'm not sure if I know exactly what I'm doing so I want to ask how am I to connect 5 of these. Do I have to user all the connectors - is the daisy chain only used to connect them all to rgb and the other one to plug into the hub - do I need to use the hub or can I also just plug the fans straight into mobo or use some splitters? Thanks
  5. Whether you remove the HDD it doesn't matter as you have plenty of space.
  6. @The_russian Hi man thanks for your reply! Yes, I did NOT plug in my ssd or hard drive so I guess its good thanks
  7. Hi, I'm building my pc in a few days and I wanted to see if the components I purchased (all mentioned are second hand) work. R5 2600, b450 tomahawk max, corsair rgb pro 3200mhz 2×8gb, evga gtx 1060, seasonic psu. So I installed the cpu in socket and the stock cooler, ram in slot 2 and 4, gpu and plugged in hdmi etc. I turned on the system by connecting the two pins via a screwdriver. After turning it on a few of the ez debug leds were red and then all turned off apart from the boot led which remains red and I get the following message below seen in the photos of my monitor. So my question: is everything OK and it's normal for the boot led to be red at the moment? It states devices have changed which is likely as a different cpu and ram were used before on this used mobo? Should I plug in a keyboard and run the setup by f1 or can I do this later when I plug in all other devices and it's all built in my case? Note that only the boot led is red and the other are off as the photo may not be very clear below. Thanks
  8. @MkaiL Really? I'm only asking as people online have advised even against using same ram but from different boxes and said ram is picky with compatability etc etc I'm a noob so just asking
  9. Hi guys, So I've recently purchased 2 corsair vengeance rgb pro 8gb×2 3200MHz ram sticks (pre-owned). HOWEVER, they have arrived today and have found that they were actually 2 sticks from a pack of 4 (8gb×4 originally). Can these two alone work fine or will I loose ANY kind of performance or have compatability issues. (I'm only planning to use these 2 sticks and not buying any more). They have model numbers of: CMW32GX4M4C3200C16 While if you buy the two pack the number is CMW16GX4M2C3200C16 I assume the difference is due to the quantity in a pack. I have attached photos. Let me know Thanks
  10. @Mateyyy That's good. It's just i don't really need the newest stuff to play games - all I play is league csgo, warzone. Im building it for aesthetics and hobby. One of the back usb 3.0 ports are not working but that's about it. Is gen 3 the Ryzen 4000 series? So it would run a 2700x just fine? Thanks again