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  1. But my friend could play it normally so i really don't know Peepoconfuesd
  2. Well i am here with an update i did it and now i have that new update finally instaled i would have posted a lot earlier but i was lazy and i almost forgot
  3. Hello there I am fucking exhausted of looking up any solutions to this error I tried everything i could Change the dns server and so many thing i don't even remember So please if anyone has any soultion to this problem Please i beg you HELP ME (Thanks to all that will reply everyone) ( Yeah i am czech and so what )
  4. I just looked up driver to my motherboard and there are no drivers for windows 10 So maybe there's the problem xDD
  5. But i read that i have to install that update again when i get out of safe mode. Is that true ? (I am sorry for bothering btw)
  6. That doesn't sound good for me when i do something like this i usually screw up so im kinda scared but i now saw some videos and i can say it's pretty easy event for me lol
  7. I don't know which version really. Sorry i forgot to put it there im dumb you know
  8. Ok i'll try that tomorow
  9. I tried to do that but still it didn't work
  10. Hello there So Yesterday i tried updating my windows version from 1709 to 1909 but when it was at 91% it failed and said it couldn't download when i tried it again later it still didn't work. So i looked at Microsofts website for instruction when this happens but everything they listed there was ok. So i really don't know what to do. Thanks to all that will reply. (Atleast i hope so xd)
  11. Hi I would like to ask if my pc can run 2 montiors without getting into trouble. My specs: 12Gb ram DDR 3 Nvidia GeForce 1060 6gb (Strix) Amd Fx-6100 750W power supply I was thinking aboit getting second montior but then i thought if this setup can even run 2 montiors. Thanks to all that will replay