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  1. Thank you! I have been digging through some posts and YouTube videos to get a better sense of what I would need. I want something that would last a good long time. I am very interested in ryzen 9 processor with a rtx 2060 in a good configuration. I have a budget of 1,600$ max I want a 15.6 inch display as I want more screen size for me to do productivity and video editing comfortably. Ive seen some nice asus tuf set ups, The msi gp66 set up on Amazon has 16 GB ram. Rtx 2070 144 hz display and Intel i7 10750h. All for 1499. What are your guys thoughts ?
  2. Hello guys, I am looking for a laptop that is under 1700$. I am doing lots of steaming on OBS and video edtiting for my church. Maybe gaming. I had a lenovo yoga 920. Motherboard died !!! It was too underpower, would heat up after 1 hour of streaming and editing video was incredibly hard. I don't know why but after covid hit (hope you all are doing great) we started streaming for my church. So I learned the basics and stayed using my laptop. Maybe wrong decision. It worked great until last week were it wouldn't turn on, too for repairs and turns out motherboard is dead. It got alot if use for many projects at church. I need help and something that'll last more the 3 years!!! I want something that won't break the bank. Has what I need to stream with OBS comfortably, edit video comfortably, audio too since I'm running my church's podcast off it. Please help me.