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  1. i have a set of small speakers connected to my pc's audio jack and the other jack doesn't work . my TV is connected through HDMI and i wanted to use it's speakers and the small speakers together . i tried doing it through the stereo mix method but there is a significant delay in between the two devices any solution ??????
  2. amazon is the best you will get a lot of discounts as well
  3. is the temp you mentioned of the GPU or the CPU
  4. Have you actually opened your computer to check the fan and the thermal compound if it has dried up
  5. I recommend Norton for any security issue
  6. I agree i am assuming the original poster lives in INDIA . He should upgrade to atleast 16 gigs of ram as the price is pretty low right now ( i now cuz i live in india too
  7. I have a 1660 oc 6gb and an 15 9400F will the CPU bottleneck my GPU
  8. it was in another topic that i talked about before
  9. i actually have done that with MSI Afterburner as soon as it reaches 48C it ramps up aggressively
  10. No actually My room is air conditioned and my case panel is always open as it is on my desk
  11. I was playing the game "uboat" perfectly fine until i checked my temps and they came upto 80C but did not exceed that all the other games i play like call of duty modern warfare or battlefield 5 , the temps are below 75C or around that
  12. i know but my 2nd monitor only has a vga and a dvi input
  13. I have a multi gpu setup a gtx 1660 with a gtx 750ti i use the 750 as an additional display adapter . i left the computer on overnight to export an edited video and this morning it showed me a few c++ runtime errors and then the connection to 750 ti had been lost i restarted the pc , now there is a display on my primary 1660 but no display on the 750ti whenever i right click it doesn't show me the nvidia control panel ( it used to before ) . and i cannot install any driver ( nvidia installer failed )
  14. Have you applied Thermal compund to your cpu . ( i know that this is a dumb question) even if you have applied it the temps of u r cpu could cause the system to shut off
  15. Are you using MSI Afterburner just to monitor your temps or you have overclocked ?? because this could just be as simple as an instable overclock