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  1. Or maybe i can just find a PWM to mini gpu adaptater, plug it on my mobo and then connect the pump to it. The connector on my gpu would be uselless but my issue would be solved
  2. No, it would be too simple. Its a mini gpu header and the pump is connected to the same header so i need to find a mini gpu to mini gpu y splitter and a mini gpu to pwm adaptater...
  3. I dont know a lot about electrical rules but i think i need to replace the fan with something similar, its a 12V 0.5A fan so its really difficult...
  4. Yeah but i dont want to solder and adaptaters would take months to ship to France I already replaced the fan but i dont want it sitting in my case, making noise.
  5. Hello, I recently bought a second hand gpu (a gtx 1080ti waterforce extreme) and its fan is pretty loud so i want to cut it. I dont know if doing this can be dangerous because the pump is connected to the same connector on my gpu (see the image). Im tired of this fan roaring even on idle (gigabyte forced it to spin at 33 percent minimum). I replaced the fan by two noctua chromax on push/pull and the gpu fan is sitting on the top slot of my case. Please help.