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  1. Hi, https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/kbx2FT/asus-rog-strix-b450-i-gaming-mini-itx-am4-motherboard-strix-b450-i-gaming is this board vrms any good for a 3700x?
  2. Exactly man! I did it at college(I'm from the UK so I'm not sure what the US equivalent is if your're from there)But due to me having autism, I always anxious when spending money on these sorts of things so I always have to triple and quadruple check or I'll have a meltdown lol!
  3. Correct! I can get 120 ish frames in most esports titles, even MW upscaled a bit which I'm pretty happy with. But I'll concede that I've always been an AMD fanyboy as it was the first GPU and CPU I ever used so team red will always have a place in my heart! that and the 5700xt looks a good card so I'll probably grab one lol! thanks so much for your help!
  4. Okay! that's something I've not even thought about before, and knowing me another thing I will now obsess over cooling in my case is pretty good but you're right.
  5. Brilliant stuff, been a massive help. I promise i'm an enthusiast I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing
  6. Gotcha! gonna grab a 5700xt and see how well that does for cyberpunk and the other games I play, if I feel its not enough, i may upgrade! as long as i can hit 1080 120hz on some games(Cyberpunk not included,I'd be happy for 1080 60)then I'm pretty happy.
  7. Okay sick no worries, it handles 6 pretty well and boosts to the 3.9 Ghz AMD says it will when im gaming, and because I've got it water cooled it never goes past 50 degrees celsius and the GPU(1660ti) only gets to the mid 60's and only the high 70's with RDR2 which a mix of high and ultra settings.
  8. @Samfisher Thats sounds like a solid plan right? apparently I read somewhere on this thread that 4700x will be supported by B450
  9. Ohhhhhh, how come that is? if it's just overclocking support and the like, it doesn't bother me too much as i wasn't planning too, as long as it helps the 5700xt reach a better potential then I'm pretty happy. I'm sort of gunning to be ready for when cyberpunk 2077 comes out.
  10. Oh no, I meant when the 4700x comes out, if I have the money I'll grab whatever board there is at the time (b650? or B550? i'm not too sure), or ill try it with my B450 Board if i dont have the money to upgrade the board.
  11. How come? as the previous posters have mentioned it should have support for the 3700x, that and I'm not planning to overclock it too much as it'd make me really anxious
  12. Happy days! I mean it seems to be running well and the 7c update (still not too sure but hey ho) seems to be working just fine and actually remedied the problems i was having with it inconsistently booting! I think @TofuHaroto is still correct though, im gonna grab a decent 5700xt and upgrade when the 4700x comes out as by then I'll either have enough for the current board when that comes out, or ill try it with my B450 and make sure to keep it all updated! Thanks so much for your helps guys.
  13. Hm? that's weird I remember it being 7c? and I remember the date being the 6/12/2020? I've got their live update utility so I'll have a look there?
  14. Okay I got you dude! So grabbing a 5700xt and getting the Ryzen 3 chip down the line would be the best option for me (Just so im perfectly cleared up)