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  1. Thank you LogicalDrm, I am not part of his company, so I can not pay anything. But I will tweet it out. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  2. I understand. And I am not the type to normally ever do this. I just felt, with the type of company Linus runs. That this may be with in bounds, so to speak. I am not trying to offend anyone nor highjack a forums. I just felt, that this is also the future. And Linus media group will, and one point. May have to, also be part of this type of event.
  3. Hello new to the forums. I have been a avid youtube watcher, and forums reader. I am not big on posting much, but today I am posting my first post. The theme of my post, is not quite what Linus tech is all about. But the idea, over all, came from Linus Tech videos and live streams. My Brother runs a large company that does conventions. With covid19 his business, like many others, was gravely effected. So his company is putting on his first digital convention. And it starts tomorrow and lasts till Saturday. <link removed by the moderation > is the announcement and link to the event. I would Also like the Linus Tech group to watch some of the event and give suggestions and tips. On how to improve this new Format. And maybe this will also help the Linus media group. Thank you for your time a putting with my long post. Robert Pierce