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  1. Ah awesome. I’d like to think that the AMD cards would be cheaper than their nvidia counter parts. I was thinking about getting the 1660 and then getting a ryzen 7 2700x if I did build now. And then when it comes to upgrading the GPU for the newer ones, I’d sell the 1660.
  2. I think I may be able to hold off. Hopefully as the world gets back to normal, prices may drop due to more supply? I’d imagine the 3080 will be released first, which will be way out of by budget. But hopefully may see something from AMD and maybe some ray tracing support from them.
  3. Awesome. I’ll look into them. but had a thought, do I get something like a 1660 Super for the time being, and when the time comes with the new cards wether it’s from AMD Or Nvidia, upgrade then? what sort of quality can a 1660 super throw out?
  4. I would like streaming to be my full time job. Or at least make a solid go of it. Haha In terms of brands for the 5700XT is power colour one to go for? Don’t want anything that runs hot.
  5. Ok cheers. prices starting at - 2060 is around £300, 2060 Super £365 RX 5700 is £336 RX 5700XT is £345 So for the extra £45 it’s worth getting the 5700XT over the RTX 2060? How are drivers for the AMD. There seemed to be a lot of talk how the drivers weren’t up there with Nvidia. any particular brand cards to go for/avoid?
  6. Stupid question, do you know of any streamers who use x264 whilst streaming? i’d be aiming to stream maybe 1080p60.
  7. Even if I was playing games on high settings? It would still be able to handle it all? How would I get the cpu to handle the encoding? Choosing a setting in OBS I assume? When watching a video comparing the stream quality and the AMD did look blockier in games like apex. id be looking at playing soccer games, warzone/apex legends and some racing games such as f1 or Forza.
  8. Hi all, looking at doing my first build. Budget is around £800. With around £350-400 going on the GPU. Plan was to get a ryzen 3600 for my cpu. I do plan on doing 1080p gaming. Aiming for some high FPS. And I will be streaming whilst playing. I’ve been looking at the 2060 and the RX5700. I understand the Radeon isn’t as good for streaming compared to the nvidia offering. Am I better going for the 2060? Or do I go to a rx5700 GPU and maybe spend some extra on getting a ryzen 7? I assume a ryzen 5 3600 won’t be able to handle doing the encoding for twitch as well as running the game? relative newbie with all this. So any help will be great thanks.
  9. Awesome. Thank you. I’ll have a watch of those tonight!
  10. New to the forum, looking at building a rig for myself. How about a "Which Graphics Card to get mid 2020 version". I think the last one was done just before xmas. Be nice to see what's changed since then?
  11. Yeah, I can see the lower end Nvidia GPU being next year, be nice to have them all this year... but it will be unlikely. Ah will definitely look into your monitor choice. Keyboard and mouse seems like something I'll have to test in a store! Don't really have any PC specialists local to me. Only a curry's, they're hardly a fountain of knowledge!
  12. I'm not too fussed on 1440p would rather have better frame rates I think. I think from what I read, Nvidia will be releasing the 3080 first, and then say the 3060 potentially next year? That monitor looks really tall, I am planning on having a dual monitor set up. I have got a second monitor already that will be used for basic tasks/chat options. Is a curved monitor worth it? Or can it look lout of place next to a flat screen?
  13. Ah right I see. I'll stay clear of a second hand GPU really. Unless it's from somewhere like AVforums where sellers are more reputable.
  14. well a lot of what's been spoken at the moment has gone right over my head! haha I understand the whole mining I think (bitcoin related?).