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  1. Oh right I see, the problem is basically that the actual M.2 drive isnt long enough for it to go on the type 22110 ( as in i cant really screw it down) , and that my graphics card basically blocks it out of view anyways. I figured it may be the case but i dont want the actual drive itself to be hanging out at the 30 degree incline, unless its safe to do so and that there isnt any risk
  2. It was originally for my HDD and SSD but i put them on ASata as it isnt detected when the M.2 is connected. Originally it was on Sata 0 and 2 but now its on ASata, I will try doing what the other person has recommended and put the M.2 on the top slot and then change the SSD and the HDD back to sata so it doesnt share bandwith
  3. So my specs are as follows CPU: AMD Ryzen 1600x GPU:RTX 2070 SSD:Kingston A400 240gb (connected to asata; wouldnt show up otherwise when the m.2 is connected)- This is my primary boot drive HDD: Toshiba 1gb (also connected to asata) I put in a m.2 (Mx500 500gb) as my primary boot drive was running out of space and i wanted to migrate it, it is connected to pciex1_2 and will not show up on the bios or windows (I do eventually want to migrate my ssd onto the m.2) I had updated my bios to the latest version to which ive read can cause some issues, though i'm not sure. Thank you.