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  1. Thanks, I ordered a new motherboard so it should arrive in 1-2 days. The fun thing is, the motherboard is "alive". After a while I loosened some of the screws just enough so the board remained in place and it managed to post. I was able to get into the bios and even enable XMP, however I saw things like -15°C for the main temp sensor and other weird glitchiness even on windows. (21C ambient at that moment). Like windows crashing entirely and the only thing working was the sound of spotify player and the mouse (I was able to move the cursor on screen) but keyboard was not responding and I could not click on anything since the screen was basically pitch black. The crash only happened WHILE browsing reddit with spotify at the same time, I tried to replicate it 3 times and the 3 times it crashed. (No crash occurred while doing anything else so I'm puzzled) And sound glitching out sometimes for a few seconds
  2. Hey guys, 3 years ago I bought a PC from a local pc shop, however lately I ran into issues. I've been trying to use my pc and when I push the power button it does not work. It was strange at first (two months ago) but if I tried again it worked so I didn't mind (First error). Fast forward, 1 month later my graphics card suddenly died, I thought it was the PSU (EVGA 600B) so I replaced it with another PSU that I had lying around (a sketchy but 100% working 600W aerocool PSU), So far so good, I used integrated graphics for a while so I wasn't worried since I was using my game console in the meantime. However, since yesterday the PC just wouldn't work. I disassembled the machine in order to test every single component, so I was just left with the motherboard, the CPU and the ram (Nothing else connected) however even if the motherboard had power, it wouldn't just turn on. Just for sanity, I jump started both psus and they both turned on as intended. When I was assembling the pc again I noticed something, the person who assembled the PC originally had OVER tightened the mounting screws for the motherboard, as a result you could even see the copper where the screws for the stand offs should go. I assembled the computer again but this time I did not use as much pressure as it had originally. As a result the computer does turn on but after a few seconds it turns off (probably due to SCP) Is there something I can try?